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Our Billboards

M2 Signs Outdoor Advertising provides top quality static and digital billboards in high traffic locations. Outdoor billboards are effective tools to reach the driving market. Your audience is captivated by your larger-than-life, stand alone advertisement.  Get in touch today, our creative team are billboard design experts.

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Why Billboards
digital billboard m2signs

Rural View, Mackay


We have the only double-sided digital billboard in Mackay.  Check it out at Northern Beaches Bowls Club, Rural View

112 east Peak Downs highway billobard

4M x 6M


Our portrait billboard is located on the Peak Downs Highway and offers our customers a new, unique perspective for their advertising.

Traditional billboard

6M x 3M


Traditional roadside billboard, it’s the most common one we see on our highways.

Supersite billboard

12.66M x 3.33M


Have a BIG message?  We have SUPER-sized billboards.  

digital LED trailer


MOBILE - Digital

Want a digital billboard at your premises?  No worries!  We have a small fleet of digital LED mobile billboards.  

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