7 days a week your billboard will promote your message to your target audience.  Compared to Radio, TV and Print, Billboards can be more cost effective, in fact when combined with other forms of media you can create a ripple effect on people’s awareness of your message.


You can use them to:

  • Launch a brand and build and maintain brand awareness.
  • Target specific audiences and markets with high frequency; market to agricultural, mining, maintenance, construction, retail, business travellers, teens etc.

Space from competition – there is a legal distance that must be maintained between signs and all our sites are set up in a way that you have maximum exposure for the maximum amount of time.

  • Billboards allow advertisers to reach the ‘driving’ market. They are present when customers need a helping hand in deciding where to go when they reach town i.e. “Hungry Jacks in 15mins on Victoria Street”.
  • There is no other media with better reach, anybody using the road system has the potential to view your message, and this includes people travelling by car, bus, truck and any other vehicle that you can think of!
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