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M2Signs offers mobile digital trailers for hire or sale to suit a variety of applications; business promotions, store openings, specials, information, trade shows, events, stadiums and music events.


Our Outdoor LED Screens are P 10, with optimal view distance 10m plus.  The face of the signs are 1200mm High x 2400mm Long and has hydraulic mast to raise the sign to 2.2m to the bottom of the face. The screen be rotated 360° to allow for the best viewing angle.


Our LEDs are the ultimate high impact viewing and advertising experience. These signs have the ability run video, full colour graphics and text. Pre-set scheduling and remote real-time programming available.


P = Pixel Pitch which refers to the actual distance in millimetres between the LED lights on the LED sign. Pixel Pitch also gives an indication of optimal viewing distance of the sign, the smaller the number the clearer the image when viewed at close range, therefore the larger the number the further the viewing distance.




mobile led digital display sample

Specifications Table

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